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Question and answers about General

Click on the top right of your application :

fill the following form with the booking informations:



Appointments’ duration depends mainly on the service duration, and also on the duration of any added extras. If, for example, you have a service that lasts 2 hours together with an extra service that takes an additional 30 minutes, if your customer chooses the extra service, he or she will see 2 and a half time slots when they choose a time slot for their appointment. If they choose a service without an extra, the duration of the appointment will be the same as the service duration (2 hours).

Buffer time

Buffer time (before and after), that you’ve set when you configured services, is the time that doesn’t affect appointments duration but reduces the number of free time slots in the schedule. If, for example, you have configured a 30 minutes buffer time before for the service that lasts 4 hours, your customer will see 4 hour time slots during their booking, but they won’t see the 30 minutes buffer in the time slot. The next time someone tries to book the same service for the same employee, the next suggested slot will appear 30 minutes after the first appointment finishes.


Appointment price depends on the service price, the extras price and the number of customers. Price is calculated with a “service price+extra price” formula, and both are multiplied for every additional customer in the group appointment. Please note that you can set a different price for each employee, so the appointment price can depend on which employee is chosen.

to start using the plugin after the general settings are configured you first must to create a Service Category. Creating a category is required because each service needs to be included in a category if the plugin is to work. Consequently, you’ll need to create at least one category to be able to start creating the services. This option is created especially for companies that provide a large number of different services to make it easier to group them. If you are not one of those companies and you don’t need to create categories, you only need to create one to use the plugin, it won’t appear on the front-end .




To track all your task and employee  activity click on the category “Activity”:


Question and answers about front-end

Here’s the list of all our shortcodes:

  1. [marketinly_booking] if you want to show the basic Step-by-step Booking wizard,
  2. You can add booking form directly on your page instead of a button and lightbox. Just add [marketinly_book_form] if you want to the place on your page where you want to add the form and the plugin will do the rest.
  3. [marketinly_book_button show_service_categories=”3,2,4″
    ] If you want to show only specific service categories to your customers. 

The step by step form is accessible by clicking on the category Step:



You can customize the existing steps by changing:

step title,

sub step title,

description and the custom icon.